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Nightwish - Imaginaerum - White Vinyl

39.99 €

A1 Taikatalvi
A2 Storytime
A3 Ghost River
A4 Slow, Love, Slow

B1 I Want My Tears Back
B2 Scaretale
B3 Arabesque
B4 Turn Loose The Mermaids

C1 Rest Calm
C2 The Crow, The Owl And The Dove
C3 Last Ride Of The Day

D1 Song Of Myself
D1.1 From A Dusty Bookshelf
D1.2 All That Great Heart Lying Still
D1.3 Piano Black
D1.4 Love
D2 Imaginaerum

White Vinyl-2-LP, Nuclear Blast, 2011
Tricky ‎– Vulnerable (Vinyl-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Stay
A2 Antimatter
A3 Ice Pick
A4 Car Crash
A5 Dear God
A6 How High

B1 What Is Wrong
B2 Hollow
B3 Moody
B4 Wait For God
B5 Where I'm From
B6 The Love Cats
B7 Search, Search, Survive

Vinyl-LP, Gatefold-Cover, Anti, 2003

Vulnarable war ein ziemlich eingängiges Album von Tricky. Nach vorn treibende Songs und gute Melodien stehen im Vordergrund.

Die Ärzte - Auch (Vinyl 2-LP)

49.99 €

A1 Ist Das Noch Punkrock?
A2 Bettmagnet
A3 Sohn Der Leere

B1 Das Darfst Du
B2 Tamagotchi
B3 M&F
B4 Freundschaft Ist Kunst

C1 Angekumpelt
C2 Waldspaziergang Mit Folgen
C3 Fiasko
C4 Miststück

D1 Das Finde Ich Gut
D2 Cpt. Metal
D3 Die Hard
D4 zeiDverschwÄndung

2-Vinyl, Box Set, Hot Action Records, 2012
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Piano Nights (Vinyl 2-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Im Rauch 5:29
A2 Bei Rosarotem Licht 6:41

B1 Fahr Zur Hölle 5:35
B2 Irrwege 3:39
B3 Ganz Leise Kommt Die Nacht 8:22

C1 Unrasiert 4:44
C2 Verloren (Alles) 10:29

D1 Segeln Ohne Wind 6:22
D2 Komm Zurück Zu Mir 9:50

2-Vinyl-LP, PIAS, 2014
Pivot - In The Blood (Vinyl)

9.00 €

A1 In The Blood

A2 Didn't I Furious

B1 In The Blood (Rustie Remix)

B2 Sweet Memory (Clark Remix)

12" Vinyl-Single, Warp, 2008
Correcto - Correcto (Vinyl-LP)

9.00 €

A1 Inuit 3:08
A2 Do It Better 2:37
A3 Joni 2:25
A4 Save Your Sorrow 3:19
A5 Walking To Town 2:25
A6 No One Under 30 1:29

B1 Here It Comes 2:44
B2 Downs 2:12
B3 Even Though 1:53
B4 New Capitals3:18
B5 Something Or Nothing 3:41
B6 When You Get Away From Me 1:52

2-Vinyl-LP, Domino, 2008

Correcto mit dem Drummer von Franz Ferdinand. Obwohl in damals sehr populären Indie-Post-Punk Gewässern unterwegs, leider ziemlich untergegangen,

Baby Dee - Safe Inside The Day (Vinyl-LP)

9.99 €

A1 Safe Inside The Day
A2 The Earlie King
A3 A Compass Of The Light
A4 The Only Bones That Show
A5 Fresh Out Of Candles

B1 Big Titty Bee Girl (From Dino Town)
B2 A Christmas Jig For A Three-Legged Cat
B3 Flowers On The Tracks
B4 The Dance Of Diminishing Possibilities
B5 Bad Kidneys
B6 You'll Find Your Footing

Vinyl-LP, Drag City, 2008
Emigrate - Silent So Long (Vinyl 2-LP)

39.99 €

A1 Eat You Alive 3:33
A2 Get Down 4:32
A3 Rock City 3:28

B1 Hypothetical 3:50
B2 Rainbow 3:34
B3 Born On My Own 4:40

C1 Giving Up 3:58
C2 My Pleasure 3:36
C3 Happy Times 3:36

D1 Faust 3:42
D2 Silent So Long 5:17

2-Vinyl-LP, Universal, 2014
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die - Remix EP (Vinyl)

29.99 €

A1 Born To Die (Album Version)

A2 Born To Die (PDP/13 Remix)

B1 Born To Die (Woodkid & The Shoes Remix)

B2 Born To Die (Parrade Remix)

B3 Born To Die (Chad Valley Clubmix)

12" Vinyl-Single, Vertigo, 2012
Underworld - Beautiful Burnout (Vinyl)

9.99 €

A1 Beautiful Burnout (Pig & Dan Remix) 7:24

B1 Beautiful Burnout (Tiefschwarz Remix) 9:17

12"-Vinyl-Single, PIAS, 2008
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Licht (Vinyl-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Es Wird Schlimmer 4:07
A2 Auf Die Liebe 3:09
A3 Wir Sind Das Licht 3:03
A4 Nach Der Ebbe 3:33
A5 Adrenalin 3:42
A6 Der Elende 5:32

B1 Heut´ Ist Der Tag 2:46
B2 Wir Hoffen 3:54
B3 Der Weg 3:30
B4 Ein Lichtlein 4:25
B5 Auferstehen Soll In Herrlichkeit 4:36

White Vinyl-LP, War Anthem, 2008
Caspian - Waking Season (Vinyl 2-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Waking Season
A2 Procellous

B1 Gone In Bloom And Bough
B2 Halls Of The Summer
B3 Akiko

C1 High Lonesome
C2 Hickory '54
C3 Long The Desert Mile

D1 Collider In Blue
D2 Fire Made Flesh

Vinyl-LP und CD-Album beiliegend, Make My Day records, 2012
Scorpions - MTV Unplugged (Vinyl 3-LP)

19.99 €

A1 Sting In The Tail 4:36
A2 Can't Live Without You 3:53
A3 Pictured Life 3:56
A4 Speedy's Coming 4:11

B1 Born To Touch Your Feelings 6:20
B2 The Best Is Yet To Come 5:03
B3 Dancing With The Moonlight 3:58
B4 In Trance Featuring – Cäthe 4:33

C1 When You Came Into My Life 5:05
C2 Delicate Dance (Matthias Solo) Soloist – Matthias* 5:10
C3 Love Is The Answer (Rudolf Solo) Soloist – Rudolf* 4:30
C4 Folow Your Heart (Klaus Solo) Soloist – Klaus* 2:49
C5 Send Me An Angel 3:51

D1 Where The River Flows 3:59
D2 Passion Rules The Game 5:45
D3 Rock You Like A Hurricane Featuring – Johannes Strate 4:58
D4 Hit Between The Eyes 4:45

E1 Rock'n'Roll Band 4:33
E2 Blackout 4:57
E3 Still Loving You 3:42
E4 Big City Nights 4:14

F1 Wind Of Change Featuring – Morten Harket 5:45
F2 No One Like You 4:38
F3 When The Smoke Is Going Down 3:42

3-Vinyl-LP, RCA Deutschland, 2013
Loreena McKennitt ‎– The Journey So Far (Vinyl-LP)

29.99 €

A1 The Mystic's Dream (Album Edit) 4:33
A2 Bonny Portmore 4:22
A3 The Bonny Swans (Album Edit) 4:00
A4 The Mummer's Dance (Single Remix) 4:04
A5 Down By The Sally Gardens 5:38
A6 Stolen Child 5:04

B1 The Lady Of Shalott (Album Edit) 4:46
B2 Marco Polo 5:15
B3 Penelope's Song 4:21
B4 Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance 4:20
B5 The Old Ways 5:50
B6 Dante's Prayer 7:13

Vinyl-LP, limited Edition, Nr. 6247, Quinlan, 2014
SDNMT - The Goal Is To Make The Animals Happy (Vinyl-LP)

19.00 €

A1 Basses Basses
A2 26/20 (SOL Where Is It?)
A3 Sho-Ryu-Sdnmt
A4 Tears Don't Cry
A5 Still A Cool Pair Of Kicks

B1 Smallest Narrative Unit
B2 Waking The Forest
B3 Jazz™
B4 Time Is On My Zeit
B5 G.ranulat U.nd Z.ehren, Y.all

Vinyl-LP, second Hand, neuwertig, NM/NM, Sinnbus, 2007
Hushpuppies - Silence Is Golden (Vinyl-LP)

19.99 €

A1 A Trip To Vienna 4:00
A2 Lost Organ 3:15
A3 Moloko Sound Club 2:54
A4 Bad Taste And Gold On The Doors 3:11
A5 Love Bandit 3:43
A6 Fiction In The Facts 3:32

B1 Down, Down, Down 4:53
B2 Lunatic's Song 3:24
B3 Hot Shot 3:39
B4 Broken Matador 3:31
B5 Harmonium 4:57

Vinyl-LP, Gatefold-Cover, Daimond Traxx, 2008
Böhse Onkelz - Weiß (Vinyl-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Lieber Stehend Sterben 3:48
A2 Entfache Dieses Feuer 4:19
A3 Das Wunder Der Persönlichkeit 5:12
A4 Fahrt Zur Hölle 3:31
A5 Alles F. A. M. 3:36
A6 Willkommen 3:04

B1 Für Immer 5:33
B2 Deutschland Im Herbst 4:29
B3 Es 4:30
B4 Sie Hat 'Nen Motor 2:55
B5 Tribute To Stevie 1:50
B6 Schöne Neue Welt 4:26

Vinyl-LP, Rule23/Tonpool, Reissue 2014

Barcode: 40496324230089

Änhlich wie "Schwarz" musikalisch etwas subtiler und textlich durchdachter als andere Onkelz-Alben. Diesen Stil hat Stephan Weidner mit seinem Projekt Der W fortgesetzt.

Böhse Onkelz - Adios (Vinyl 2-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Feuer 3:34
A2 Immer Auf Der Suche 2:58
A3 Superstar 2:30
A4 Sowas Hat Man... 5:01

B1 Ja, Ja 3:35
B2 Lass Mich Gehn 4:01
B3 Fang Mich 2:47
B4 Einmal 4:20

C1 Kinder Dieser Zeit 3:04
C2 Hass-tler 4:24
C3 Onkelz vs. Jesus 3:29
C4 Überstimuliert 3:59

D1 Prinz Valium 2:47
D2 Ihr Hättet Es Wissen Müssen 5:21
D3 A.D.I.O.Z. 5:12

2-Vinyl-LP, Regel23/SPV, 2004, Barcode: 693723901114
Accept - Stalingrad (clear Vinyl-LP)

39.99 €

A1 Hung Drawn And Quartered 4:40
A2 Stalingrad 6:01
A3 Hellfire 6:13

B1 Flash To Bang Time 4:10
B2 Shadow Soldiers 5:51
B3 Revolution 4:14

C1 Against The World 3:39
C2 Twist Of Fate 5:43
C3 The Quick And The Dead 4:27

D1 Never Forget 4:52
D2 The Galley 7:22

Clear Vinyl-LP, limited Edition, Nr. 224/250, Nuclear Blast, 2012
The Boggs - Arm In Arm - Hot Chip Mix (Vinyl)

9.00 €

A Arm In Arm (Hot Chip Mix) 8:30

B Mra Ni Mra (Xim Pihc Toh) 8:30

12" Vinyl-Single, Tangled Up, 2008
Swingin' Utters - Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass And Bones (Vinyl LP)

19.99 €


A1 No Pariah
A2 Glad
A3 Hopeless Vows
A4 Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, And Bones
A5 All That I Can Give
A6 Sign In A Window
A7 Don't Ask Why A8 Lampshade

B1 Letters To Yourself
B2 Heaven At Seventeen
B3 Leaves Of Fate
B4 If You Want Me To
B5 Elation
B6 Poor Me
B7 My Closed Mind
B8 Looking For Something To Follow
B9 Shadows And Lies

Vinyl-LP, Fat Wreck, 2003, Barcode: 751097064818
Reverend And The Makers - 18-30 Elektrons Remix (Vinyl)

9.00 €

A1 18-30 (Elektrons Data Transfer)

B1 The Machine (Infadels Remix)

B2 18-30 (Unabombers Basement Remix)

12" Vinyl-Single, PIAS, 2008
Front Line Assembly - Implode (Vinyl 2-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Retribution 5:35
A2 Fatalist 5:50
A3 Prophecy 6:24

B1 Synthetic Forms 8:07
B2 Falling 5:40

C1 Don't Trust Anyone 4:20
C2 Unknown Dreams 6:01
C3 Torched 5:57

D1 Machine Slave 6:58
D2 Silent Ceremony 6:07
D3 Stalker 4:44

2-Vinyl-LP, Label: Zoth Ommog, 1999
Veritas Maximus - Glaube Und Wille (Vinyl 2-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Keine Macht Den Drogen
A2 Erkenne Dich Selbst
A3 Veni Vidi Veritas

B1 Heimat
B2 Ehrlichkeit
B3 Verfechter Des Bösen

C1 Schicksalsflügel
C2 Bild Tilt
C3 Kein Ende
C4 Das Kleine Satansmedium

D1 Noahs Erben
D2 Des Teufels Geleit

2-Vinyl-LP, K28 Records, 2014
Constants - The Murder Of Tom Fitzgerril (Vinyl LP)

19.99 €

A1 Walking Dead In East Texas 6:51

A2 Robotica And Lobotomy 8:57

B1 The Murder Of Tom Fitzgerril 13:01

B2 When Stars Dilate 8:21

Vinyl-LP, Limited Edition, 300, Vega Vinyl, 2008
The Wallflowers - Glad All Over (Vinyl LP)

29.99 €

A1 Hospital For Sinners
A2 Misfits And Lovers
A3 First One In The Car
A4 Reboot The Mission
A5 It's A Dream

B1 Love Is A Country
B2 Have Mercy On Him Now
B3 The Devil's Waltz
B4 It Won't Be Long (Until We're Not Wrong Anymore)
B5 Constellation Blues
B6 One Set Of Wings

Vinyl-LP uns Musikalbum als CD beiliegend, Columbia, 2012
Joachim Witt - DOM (Vinyl 2-LP)

39.99 €

A1 Gloria
A2 Jetzt Geh
A3 Tränen

B1 Blut
B2 Königreich
B3 Beben

C1 Mut Eines Kriegers
C2 Licht Im Ozean
C3 Komm Nie Wieder Zurück

D1 Leichtsinn
D2 Untergehen

2-Vinyl-LP, SevenOne/Columbia, 2012
Epica - Requiem For The Indifferent (White Vinyl 2-LP)

49.99 €

A1 Karma ~Prelude~ 1:32
A2 Monopoly On Truth 7:11
A3 Storm The Sorrow 5:12
A4 Delirium 6:07

B1 Internal Warfare 5:12
B2 Requiem For The Indifferent 8:34
B3 Anima ~Interlude~ 1:24
B4 Guilty Demeanor 3:22

C1 Deep Water Horizon 6:32
C2 Stay The Course 4:25
C3 Deter The Tyrant 6:37

D1 Avalanche 6:52
D2 Serenade Of Self-Destruction 9:52
D3 Nostalgia 3:26
D4 Twin Flames (Regular Version) 4:47

limited white Vinyl-LP, Nr. 74/150, Nuclear Blast, 2014
Nick Cave & The Bad Seed - Push The Sky Away (180g Vinyl LP)

29.99 €

A1 We No Who U R 4:04
A2 Wide Lovely Eyes 3:40
A3 Water's Edge 3:49
A4 Jubilee Street 6:36
A5 Mermaids 3:49

B1 We Real Cool 4:19
B2 Finishing Jubilee Street 4:29
B3 Higgs Boson Blues 7:50
B4 Push The Sky Away 4:06

Vinyl-LP, Bad Seed Ltd., 2013, Barcode: 5055667601768
Sigur Rós - Kveikur (Vinyl 2-LP +10inch)

39.99 €

A1 Brennisteinn

A2 Hrafntinna
B1 Ísjaki
B2 Yfirborð

C1 Stormur
C2 Kveikur

D1 Rafstraumur
D2 Bláþráður
D3 Var


A1 Hryggjarsúla

A2 Ofbirta

B Brennisteinn (Blanck Mass Remix)

2-Vinyl-LP mit 10" Single und CD-Album, XL Recordings, 2013
Subway To Sally - Schwarz in Schwarz (lim.Vinyl 2-LP)

49.99 €

A1 Das Schwarze Meer 5:37
A2 Schlagt Die Glocken 4:43
A3 Kämpfen Wir! 3:58
A4 Bis In Alle Ewigkeit 3:49

B1 Nichts Ist Für Immer 5:37
B2 Ins Dunkel 5:56
B3 Wo Rosen Blüh'n 5:51

C1 Tausend Meilen 5:18
C2 Mir Allein 4:51
C3 Am Ende Des Weges 4:47

D1 M.M.X.I.I. 5:45
D2 Alles Oder Nichts 3:59
D3 Am Ende Des Wegs 4:22

Limited Clear 2-Vinyl-LP, Nuclear Blast, 2011
Sepultura - Roorback (Vinyl 2-LP)

19.99 €

A1 Come Back Alive 3:06
A2 Godless 4:21
A3 Apes Of God 3:36
A4 More Of The Same 3:58
A5 Urge 3:16
A6 Corrupted 2:32

B1 As It Is 4:26
B2 Mind War 2:59
B3 Leech 2:24
B4 The Rift 2:56
B5 Bottomed Out 4:35
B6 Activist 1:53
B7 Outro 3:06

Revolusongs EP

C1 Messiah Written By – Hellhammer 3:26
C2 Angel Written By – Massive Attack 5:13
C3 Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos Written By – Public Enemy 4:02

D1 Mongoloid Written By – Devo 2:35
D2 Mountain Song Written By – Jane's Adiction 3:28
D3 Bullet The Blue Sky Written By – U2 4:34
D4 Piranha Written By – Exodus 3:41

2-Vinyl-LP, Steamhammer, 2003
And The Golden Choir - Another Half Life (Vinyl 2-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Another Half Life
A2 The Transformation
A3 Holy Diamond

B1 My Brothers Home
B2 My Heaven Is Lost
B3 It's Not My Life

C1 New Daily Dose
C2 Choose To Lose
C3 Dead End Street

D1 The Hunter Of Souls
D2 Angelina
D3 In Heaven

2-Vinyl-LP, Loob/Cargo, 2015, Barcode: 4024572774257
Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions (Vinyl LP)

19.99 €

A1 The Chokin' Kind Written-By – Harlan Howard 3:35
A2 Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' On Me?) Pt. 1 4:20
A3 Fell In Love With A Boy 3:38
A4 Victim Of A Foolish Heart
A5 Dirty Man Written-By – Bobby Miller 2:59

B1 Some Kind Of Wonderful Written-By – John Ellison 3:56
B2 I've Fallen In Love With You Written-By – Carla Thomas 4:29
B3 I Had A Dream Written-By – Jon B. Sebastian* 3:01
B4 All The King's Horses Written-By – Aretha Franklin 3:03
B5 For The Love Of You (Pts. 1 & 2) 7:33

Vinyl-LP, Relentless/Virgin, 2003
Monster Magnet - Last Patrol (Vinyl 2-LP)

39.99 €

A1 I Live Behind The Clouds
A2 Last Patrol

B1 Three Kingfishers
B2 Paradise
B3 Hallelujah

C1 Mindless Ones
C2 The Duke Of Supernature
C3 End Of Time

D1 Stay Tuned
D2 Strobe Light Beatdown
D3 One Dead Moon

2-Vinyl-LP, Spinning Goblin Productions, 2013, Austria
The Killers - Battle Born (Red Vinyl 2-LP)

29.99 €

A1 - Flesh And Bone
A2 - Runaways
A3 - The Way It Was

B1 - Here With Me
B2 - A Matter Of Time
B3 - Deadlines And Commitments

C1 - Miss Atomic Bomb
C2 - The Rising Tide
C3 - Heart Of A Girl

D1 - From Here On Out
D2 - Be Still
D3 - Battle Born

Red 2-Vinyl-LP, Island Records, 2012
The Killers - Sam's Town (Picture Disc)

19.99 €

A1 Sam's Town 4:05
A2 Enterlude 0:49
A3 When You Were Young 3:39
A4 Bling (Confession Of A King) 4:08
A5 For Reasons Unknown 3:32
A6 Read My Mind 4:03

B1 Uncle Jonny 4:25
B2 Bones 3:46
B3 My List 4:08
B4 This River Is Wild 4:38
B5 Why Do I Keep Counting? 4:23
B6 Exitlude 2:24

Vinyl-Picture Disc, Island Record, 2006
Madsen - Wo Es Beginnt (Vinyl 2-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Wo Es Beginnt
A2 Lass Es Raus
A3 Baut Wieder Auf

B1 Lass Die Musik An
B2 Die Welt Liegt Vor Dir
B3 So Cool Bist Du Nicht (feat. Lisa Who)

C1 Für Immer Dein
C2 Generation Im Arsch
C3 Nimm Den Regen Mit

D1 Love Is A Killer (feat. Walter Schreifels)
D2 Alarm Im Paradies
D3 Es Wird Schon Wieder Gut

2-Vinyl-LP, Columbia, 2012
Skinny Puppy - Mythmaker (Vinyl 2-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Magnifishit
A2 Dal
A3 Haze
A4 Pedafly
A5 Jaher

B1 Politikil
B2 Lestiduz
B3 Pasturn
B4 Ambiantz
B5 Ugli

C Politikil (Extended Mix)

D1 Optimissed (The Humble Brothers Remix)
D2 Pedafly (Husky Remix)

2-Vinyl-LP, Synthetic Symphony, 2012
Tomahawk - Oddfellows (Vinyl LP)

29.99 €

A1 Oddfellows
A2 Stone Letter
A3 I.O.U
A4 White Hats / Black Hats
A5 A Thousand Eyes
A6 Rise Up Dirty Waters
A7 The Quiet Few

B1 "I Can Almost See Them"
B2 South Paw
B3 Choke Neck
B4 Waratorium
B5 Baby Let's Play ____
B6 Typhoon

Vinyl-LP, Iperac Recordings, 2013
Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You (Vinyl 2-LP)

29.99 €

A1 Monarchy Of Roses 4:12
A2 Factory Of Faith 4:20
A3 Brendan's Death Song 5:38

B1 Ethiopia 3:51
B2 Annie Wants A Baby 3:41
B3 Look Around 3:28
B4 The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie 4:42

C1 Did I Let You Know 4:22
C2 Goodbye Hooray 3:52
C3 Happiness Loves Company 3:33
C4 Police Station 5:36

D1 Even You Brutus? 4:00
D2 Meet Me At The Corner 4:21
D3 Dance, Dance, Dance 3:45

2-Vinyl-LP, Warner Bros, 2011